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Experienced and innovative LED screen solutions provider for clients worldwide

A team of specialists, passionate about new technologies & progress in LED screen

Good Gold is affiliated to subsidiary Shanghai Liangjin Trading Co., Ltd. As a Professional LED Display manufacturer was established in 2011. We provide LED Display products, manufacturing, sales and after-sales services. For the past 11 years, reliable products, quality and honest customer services are what we always provide to our clients. Because of these reasons, we have established the relationship with many well-known enterprises and get the customer’s praise. We are well-known for LED screen-indoor as well as outdoor in Dubai.

We provide a full range of LED screen

outdoor led screen
Outdoor LED Screen
indoor led screen
Indoor LED Screen
led poster screen
Poster LED Screen
transparent led screen
Transparent LED Screen
lcd wall display screen
LCD Video Walll
floor led screen
Floor LED Screen
digital signage
Digital Signage
flexible led display screen
Curved & Flexible LED Screen

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We make sure that you get the best quality in LED screen

A well-known name in the LED market, Good Gold Electronic Trading L.L.C. provides viewers with an excellent viewing experience. We have a distinct place in Dubai and have origins in the United Arab Emirates. Good Gold manufacture and supply led screen-indoor led screen as well as outdoor led screen. The term Good Gold Electronic Trading L.L.C. will open your eyes to a fresh perspective.

Our LED displays are of the highest caliber because of which it delivers excellent visual quality. Your previous screens and our screens would be totally different from one another. LED screen-indoor led screen as well as outdoor has high-deficiency pictures and video which will not allow you to take-off your eyes. Because of its smooth edge construction and ideal quality to improve your mood and outlook.

To show you that we have the most recent variety, so we provide led screen-indoor led screen as well as outdoor led screen in Dubai, LED Screen Rental , LED Video Wall Rental in , and many more. The rental service will position the screen in front of our professional and knowledgeable team. In order to help you stand out from the competition, so we display the Best Outdoor LED Signage in Dubai.

Indoor & Outdoor LED screen

The Company’s outstanding work is a result of the staff’s thorough familiarity with and attention to display nuances. Good Gold Electronic Trading LLC is mainly into led screen-indoor led screen, outdoor led screen, digital signage, flexible led display and transparent led screen. The firm never compromise on quality, as a result  always make sure that our consumers have access to the best screens.

The ultra-sophisticated LED screens are installed in every position to maximize viewing enjoyment. The  employees in our firm is the best at using the appropriate outdoor or indoor LED screen settings to present a fresh image at every organized event. We work not only with government organization but also with non-government organizations.

The installation and after sales services are also provided by us. We offer LED screens in various sizes. The use of finest tools and prefer to put faith in our customers. Our business is not only about making an effort to go above but also going beyond what is expected of us in order to please our consumers expectations.

In depth about Good Gold LED Screen

The backbone of Good Gold LED screen is our sales team. Our sales team plays a significant role in our organization. They constantly reach the customer and provide them with product as well as after sales service perfectly. Sales team also manages all the proceedings starting from the deal to installation and after sales service. The company never fails to provide service to the customers whenever they need.The firm has an organized infrastructure, timely management and execution. Good Gold LED has a showroom with a proper infrastructure, warehouse wherein the raw materials get converted into a finished product and a well-organized office environment. Our company provides service to the customers on time not only with full satisfaction but also without any delay. Good Gold Electronic Trading L.L.C. has worked with Government Of Dubai , Public Prosecution for their indoor led screen.